Handy Tools in SMART Notebook 10

With the new SMART notebook v.10 there are some very handy tools available. Remember many of these are in your floating tools tool bar, which means you can use them with resources other than just notebook, e.g. annotating / highlighting word documents, websites etc.. so it is worth getting used to them.

magicpenMAGIC PEN – you can use this to spotlight part of a picture – to do this simply select the pen option and draw a circle around what you would like spotlight. You can also use this tool to enlarge text / images by selecting the button and then drawing a box around what you would like to enlarge.


TEXT RECOGNISER (convert writing to text) – simply click on the writing and select the arrow which appears at the top of the selection, then simply choose the correct word from the list.

screenshadeSCREEN SHADE (hide and reveal text / images / resources as required – if you choose this whilst in notebook it will shade just the page. You can shade the whole screen by using the screen shade on the floating tools bar.

tableTABLE CREATER – an improvement in version 10, an easy way of creating tables (simply click on and select the number of rows and columns you want by highlighting the boxes).

captureCAPTURE TOOLS – this will bring up a small capture tool bar with 4 options (1) capture part of a page (drawn as a polygon), (2) capture a selected block (3) capture the whole page (4) capture a selected area, with this you have greatest control over what you capture.


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