ICT in Practice Meeting 1 – Unlocking the potential of your IWB

smart_newboardToday’s session is focused on looking at the potential the IWB gives for enhancing teaching and learning in the classroom. When faced with having an IWB in your classroom, it can seem quite daunting and you begin to feel that you have to spend lots of time planning specific resources, but the IWB is designed to give you a set of flexible pedagogical tools to complement your teaching and to make some tasks easier. Yes you can obviously spend alot of time creating resources, integrating multimedia and using the full power of the board, but doing this for every lesson is not practical, however the general tools the IWB provides means that we can easily integrate it into lessons. Indeed as you become more famillar with what it can do you will begin to use it more instinctively as part of every day lessons.


  • To show the potential the IWB has as an effective teaching and learning tool
  • To look at how you can use the IWB to make life easier in the classroom
  • To encourage staff to think of ways in which generic ideas for use on the IWB can be applied in subject specific areas
  • to share ideas and be aware of how to find out more about using IWB in your subject area

The Powerpoint from the presentation is given below (apologies for strange formating in places, the upload hasn’t agreed with some parts of it)

Instead of writing a long post covering everything from the session I will now break it down under a series of blog posts, which will enable you to search for what ever you are particularly interested by using the categories or search function on the blog!

If you enjoyed trying out some of the tips and tricks you saw in today’s session, have a look through this presentation for some more ideas (some of them you will have already seen in practice!). The presentation has been compiled by Tom Barrett a primay school Assistant Head from Nottinghamshire. The potential is just endless – once you start to build up your knowledge of tips and tricks that can be used! Enjoy!


3 Responses

  1. It still need hard effort to prove all,especially for digital divide group. Good luck.

  2. It still need more/hard efforts,especially for digital divide group(exp: my country)


  3. We are enhancing primary schoolls’ teachers in Indonesia.
    The above website can be open.

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