O2 Learn – brand new website launched!

O2 are trying to help connect teachers and students with the launch of their brand new website O2 learn. Aimed at 13-18 year olds the site’s objective is to provide a way of helping students with revision or an opportunity to catch up in subjects that they might have missed or find difficult through access to free educational videos. The site encourages teachers to share inspirational teaching styles and approaches by uploading their best mini-lessons on camera. They are looking for clever ways of remembering things or understanding more complex processes.

O2 have made the site as safe as possible in relation to the moderation process. Only registered teachers can post visitors and every video and comment is read and moderated. Indeed no one is able to comment until they register and agree to the terms.

Twice a month, the video with the highest ratings and most view win a prize – £2,000 for themselves and £2,000 for their school. During the summer of 2011, a panel of education experts will choose 8 finalists who will eligible for winning the big prize of £50,000 for themselves and £100,000 for the school. (a second prize of 20,000 for the teacher and £40,000 for the school and a third prize of £10,000 for the teacher and £20,000 for the school will also be awarded). Winners are to be announced in October 2011, based 50% on the public vote and 50% on a panel of experts.

Thanks to Danny Nicholson (Whiteboard Blog) for the Headsup!

StudyJams for Maths and Science

Thanks to Danny Nicholson (Whiteboard Blog) for the heads up on these excellent resources for Science and Maths (would be very useful for KS3). StudyJams is a website from Scholastic with many free resources, including teaching videos / animations and slide shows on a variety of Science and Maths topics. Each topic covered also has key vocabulary lists as well as a test yourself option and some even have fun ‘Karaoke’ sing alongs to help revise concepts! Well worth a look!

Stop Motion Animation

Here is a superb instruction video useful for students on how to make stop-motion animation! It was made by Catherine Elliott, the training manager at Sheffield South City Learning Centre. (some other great ideas from Catherine can be found in this post on Joe Dale’s MFL blog)

 Could be very useful in many different curriculum areas, we have already used it successfully in geography this year for students to explore the formation of coastal landforms and some classes in science have been using it show animations of cell development. There are many other potential uses, for example in languages for students to design and narrate a short scene in their chosen language – using the mp3 microphones to create a soundtrack to go over their animation.

New MFL Website – MYLO

A new website for Modern Foreign Languages from the Department for Education, called MYLO, has been launched today. It is aimed at KS3 and KS4 language learners and offers online learning opportunities for French, German, Spanish and Chinese.

The aim of the site is to engage learners in languages, raise competence and to encourage them to continue studying languages. The site is arranged as a series of challenges. It includes many games and activities and is free to anyone! Whilst individuals can register, by registering as a school you can create a group with unique access codes for your learners and it allows teachers to track the work of individuals and review progress.

Further information and updates can be found on the MYLO blog .

6 Starter Ideas using the IWB

Danny Nicholson of the Whiteboard Blog has published this short video (8 mins) from a recent Teachmeet session he did showing 6 quick ideas for starters using the IWB – some great ideas here to get you thinking and easily adapted for all curriculum areas! Well worth a watch!