Pearltrees Social Library – Collate and Collaborate!

So this holiday I have developed a new addiction! Pearltrees! Pearltrees is a fantastic visual and collaborative social library PearlTreetool with great potential in education! The unique visual interface is part of this appeal as it allows you to create ‘pearls’ (‘favourited’ URL’ links) which can be organised within ‘pearltrees’, providing a logical and hierarchical structure for organising links. You can collaborate with others on pearltrees, pick ‘pearls’ from others to add to your trees or indeed link other ‘pearltrees’ of interest to your own. You can also team up so that you have a collaboration between people to create a pearltree related to a similar interest – perfect for establishing a bank of professional development links and collaborating with others interested in the same field!

You can synchronise your account with other social networking tools, namely Twitter and Facebook – broadcasting new pearls added (you have to enable this feature so you don’t have to do this) or collecting new pearls when a link is added. The tool is incredibly easy to use and it is this ease of use which is a major selling point! You can even download a pearler tool to your browser toolbar which enables you to add a site url at a click of a button! A list of your pearltrees and sub-branches appears so you determine where best to create the pearl – simple!

When you create an account and pearltrees, these are public, however there is a premium option for creating private pearltrees and private collaborations which enables you to control your privacy settings should you wish. You can find out more in this Frequently Asked Questions page. There is also information on updates on the Pearltrees blog and you can follow them on twitter at @pearltrees. You can create an account here and there is also a good Youtube video (below) which gives you a quick overview of how Pearltree works!

Here are links to 3 of my Pearltrees which may be of use:
1. iPads in Education
2. ICT Across the Curriculum
3. Teaching and Learning

I will developing these further during the academic year.


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