6 Starter Ideas using the IWB

Danny Nicholson of the Whiteboard Blog has published this short video (8 mins) from a recent Teachmeet session he did showing 6 quick ideas for starters using the IWB – some great ideas here to get you thinking and easily adapted for all curriculum areas! Well worth a watch! Advertisements

Finding Resources for the IWB

This google search engine is specifically for locating useful SMART notebook files and could be very useful for identifying resources (they are however not limited to the British curriculum and will include resources from other countries curriculums). Remember for a specific search or resources linked to the English curriculum subject areas that there is alse the SMART exchange […]

Games for the IWB

A quick reminder as we start the new year of the value of interactive games in the classroom, particularly now all teaching rooms have access to IWB facilities. There are lots of free games aimed at particular subjects available on the web, however remember we also have access to software in school, including the Content […]

Training Session: Effective use of IWB (SMARTBoard)

A new term and straight back into a training session. Wednesday morning’s training session for staff from Hartford Student Support Centre is on “Making effective use of the Interactive Whiteboard” – the rationale behind the session is to introduce what Interactive Whiteboards actually are, the basics of how they work and a presentation of SMART […]

IWB – Science Training – July 2009

The following resources will provide support to back up what was presented in the training session, including the presentation notebook from which you can copy, paste and edit examples as you want. Getting Started with SMART Notebook – The Basics Download – Unlocking the Potential of your IWB – SCIENCE (presentation notebook – .nbk file). […]

10 Tips, Tricks and Activities for use on the IWB

During the first ICT in Practice meeting as well as the ideas discussed in the previous posts, I looked at 10 practical tips, tricks and activities for using your IWB  for getting started in creating resources using notebook. Staff from St Ivo can download the notebook file I used here (password protected – see me); […]

ICT in Practice Meeting 1 – Unlocking the potential of your IWB

Today’s session is focused on looking at the potential the IWB gives for enhancing teaching and learning in the classroom. When faced with having an IWB in your classroom, it can seem quite daunting and you begin to feel that you have to spend lots of time planning specific resources, but the IWB is designed […]

Capturing Digital Media for the IWB 2. Video Clips

Having problems with not being able to access YouTube in school? Or do inappropriate comments on the YouTube page put you off using an otherwise useful educational clip in school? Or would you like to be able to download the video so that you can annotate key points using SMART notebook functions? There are a […]

Capturing Digital Media for the IWB – 1. Animations

CAPTURING FLASH ANIMATIONS We have all been there – we have found the perfect flash animation on a website we use in our schemes of work, but when we go back to it the site is no longer available or we can’t remember the URL! Don’t panic, whilst you need to be aware of any […]

SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit – maximising the potential of your IWB

Increasing Interactivity using SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit Have you seen or used the SMART Lesson activity toolkit? If not there is a whole area of interactivity to unlock to help you maxmise the use of your interactive whiteboard and to enhance the teaching and learning experience for you and your students. So what is the […]