What is Blogging?

Blog is short for weblog which is where entries are shown on a website in reverse chronological order, they are a bit like an online diary – but are often used for information, news or just highlighting weblinks / resources etc. Photographs and video can be added to blog entries as well as text and links can be made to resources such as word documents / powerpoints for use in the educational context. There are some good ideas in this article on “Ways to use Weblogs in Education”

Check out this Wikipedia article for a better understanding of what is meant by Blogging.

Blogging Articles / Guides:

BBC Quick Guide – Blogs and Blogging

Setting up an Educational Blog (article from Doug Belshaw –

Blogger – free automated blogging publishing tool

Blog Basics – Learn how to keep an online Journal (Windows)

Blogs and Education – an American site – filled with information / resources for blogging and education

Weblogs in the Classroom

There are many useful resources on blogging – here’s some to get you started:

See in particular – which includes an excellent presentation on Blogs, given by Val Vannet at the 2007 SAGT conference.

Guides to setting up a Blog:

Having run an INSET course for school colleagues on this I have written a guide to setting up your own wordpress blog:

Setting up a Blogger Blog:

BLOGS AND BLOGGING – An Introduction..

Blogging Tools

Blogs – Adding Content / Widgets


This is where a mobile device, such as a mobile phone is used to post to a blog – this has great potential – for example during fieldwork both in the UK and abroad.

Examples of Educational Blogs:

Blogs can be aimed at either students or staff:

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