Using the Pull Tabs in SMART notebook

I have had some people express experience interest in using the Pull Tabs in SMART notebook which can be found in the Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0.

They are great for a variety of purposes such as aims and objectives, homework, notes for cover supervisors etc.. and can easily be tucked away so that only the tabs shows and displayed only when required. Great for example for reminding students about aims and objectives or even as an AFL tool to reveal assessment criteria when looking at question/answer analysis.

I have written a brief guide to using the Pull Tabs which can be downloaded here: Using Pull Tabs in SMART notebook.

Professional Development Archive (Using Delicious)

deliciousOne of the things I will be introducing in this evening’s meeting is the new Professional Development Links archive which I have set up to hopefully benefit all staff using the Delicious online bookmarking tool.

Delicious is simply a social book marking system which stores bookmarks online, allowing users to create an online list of sites they find most useful. Tags are added to each bookmark to help produce a searchable archive. The new archive for St Ivo already has over 200 bookmarks, including many of my own favourites as well as those of you who sent me some of the links you find most useful for your subject area. The database is easily searchable by key term and can be refined by combining search terms – e.g. French and ICT etc. I will continue to add to the archive and a permanent link to this will remain on the right of the Blog homepage. Please do let me know of any other sites you think should be added and have a search through what is already there!


The delicious system can also be useful to you as an individual as it enables you to create your own bookmarks which you can access from ANY computer at ANY time (unlike the bookmark function on your browser!) It is incredibly simple and easy to use and once registered you simply install the buttons to your browser toolbar. Once these are installed, each time you find a site you want to save you simply hit the tag button, type in keywords which describe the site / content and your site is stored. By using key words (tags) to bookmark you end up with a user friendly list of keywords handily categorising your links!

Your favourite lists and those of all other members of the site are accessible publicly and therefore you and others can benefit greatly from the sharing of bookmarks. You have the option to see how many and who has bookmarked the same sites that you have tagged; you can then visit their list to find other sites of relevance to your topic of interest.

Converting resources using SMART notebook

With SMART notebook v.10 it is easy to import resources from different sources as well as export your work in different formats.

You can import PowerPoints and convert them to notebook files (note however that animations will be lost). When notebook converts Powerpoint, any images or text are imported as separate objects this means that it becomes able to drag and drop them to increase interactivity.

exportIt is also possible to export notebook files in a number of formats, including powerpoints, web pages and image files. It is also possible to export as a .pdf format enabling files to then be shared more widely. For example notes created during a lesson, for example annotation of an essay could be converted to a .pdf file, uploaded to a blog and shared with students.


Simply click on File on the toolbar and select either import (to convert powerpoint files to notebook files) or export (to convert notebook files to another format).

Using SMART notebook to structure & organise lessons – “The Paperclip” (Attachments Tab)


Although you don’t have to be using notebook to make use of SMART notebook tools and the interactivity that an IWB can provide, as well as the ability to create interactive resources and integrate multimedia, notebook is also an excellent tool for structuring and organising lessons. The page view down the side enables you to easily flip between pages, revisiting ideas from earlier in the lesson, or even a previous lesson, helping students to link concepts.

Notebook v.10  also provides the function of ‘packaging’ together all resources relevant to a lesson in one area, regardless of resource type. The paperclip, is better known by SMART as the attachments tab! Within a lesson, you might use a video file, a sound clip, a website, a powerpoint, a word document as well as your notebook file. Rather than having to search for individual files across your computer, by using the paperclip you can save all the relevant files together to be accessed by just opening your notebook file!


  • keeps all resources needed in one place
  • helps maintain pace and fluidity of lesson
  • no frantic searching through folders whilst students try and tell you what you are doing wrong or are getting up to mischief!! (can help behaviour management in this way!)
  • keeps resources together for use in the future (no forgetting that fantastic resource you used last year and no having to look around for it either!)


attachmentstabThe Attachments tab is located to the left of the SMART notebook interface, underneath the Page Tab. Once you click on it, to add an attachment simply click on Insert at the bottom to start adding attachment or Hyperlinks.

You are given 3 options – 1. Insert copy of file    2. Insert hyperlink    3. Insert shortcut to file.  Unless you plan to always use the same computer the main options you will use are 1 and 2. Inserting a hyperlink is as simple as copying a web addresss into the box provided and clicking ok. With files (videos, powerpoints etc.), it is best to use the ‘Insert copy of file’ option – this actually copies the file from your computer and saves it as part of your notebook. (If you select ‘Insert shortcut’ this doesn’t actually insert the file, it creates a link to the location of the file on your computer – this means on a different computer it wont work!!!! So don’t forget creating a copy of the file is normally the best option!!).