smart1The use of Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

(please also see Subject areas for subject specific resources)

The following area is designed to draw together ideas and resources for making the most of SMARTBoards

As a starting point, the following links provide some excellent resources and information regarding the use of Interactive whiteboards in the classroom.

FAVOURITE BLOG POSTS FROM ICT ACROSS CURRICULUM RELATED TO USE OF IWB – for a full list of past posts related to the IWB click here.

July 2009 – SMARTboard – Science Training

April 2009 – Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0 – The Update is here

January 2009 – Getting started with SMART notebook – the basics

January 2009 – Using the SMART lesson activity toolkit

January 2009 – Handy Tools in SMART notebook 10

January 2009 – Using SMART notebook to organise and structure lessons

January 2009 – SMART lesson activity toolkit – maximising the potential of your IWB

January 2009 – Capturing Digital Media for the IWB 1 – Animations

January 2009 – Capturing Digital Media for the IWB 2 – Video Clips

January 2009 – 10 Tips, Tricks and Activities for use on the IWB


The Whiteboard Blog – excellent site with lots of ideas and frequently updated.

Teachers Love Smartboards – great site – with some free tutorials and lots of ideas – regularly updated

IWB Revolution ning – a whole community for discussing and sharing ideas in the use of interactive whiteboards

Smartlinks Wiki – resources for users of Smartboards

Smart Spaces – a portal for the SMART community providing lots of links to resources and ideas related to the use of SMARTboards, including lots of links to other sites which may be useful.

SMART Exchange – The SMART Exchange is a free resource centre and community network that provides a wealth of resources for technology-enabled learning. Exchange ideas and find the information you are looking for, including recent research, best practices, success stories and daily tools as well as free resources downloads and forums

An American based site – some fantastic resources / ideas here – I have included some of the most useful links from this site below….

Centre School District – Smart Board Teaching Resources

Some specific links from this site…

Integrating the Smart Board into your Classroom

Smart Board Ideas

More Ideas for using the Smart Board (more detailed)

Other Smartboard Resources:

Although these are not all subject specific – there are lots of good ideas here that can be adapted and are useful.

Interactive Whiteboards Case Studies: new tools, new pedagogies, new learning?

Smart – Educator Resources

Using Electronic Whiteboards in your classroom

The National Whiteboard Network – set up as part of the Primary National Strategy – but the ideas will be transferable and as IWB seem to be well used in Primary Schools – we have a lot to learn from them.

Interactive Whiteboard Resources (growing online bank of free tools and resources for the IWB)

Think Bank – Interactive Whiteboard – Resources and Tools (some subject specific / some general)

An archive of our favourite SMARTBoard / IWB websites can be found on ICTAcrosstheCurriculum’s delicious account here.

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