So what is a podcast and how can they be used in education? A podcast is simply a way of distributing media files (both audio and video) for playing either on a mobile device such as an mp3 player or on a computer. For a full explanation see this wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podcast or this article on “What is Podcasting”. Podcasts can be an effective revision tool and there are examples on both the Geography and History websites at St Ivo.

To create a podcast you will need a computer microphone (these are very cheap) and a sound editor software package. One of the most commonly used sound editors is Audacity which is a free download. Audacity can be used for recording your podcasts and editing your recordings, including the addition of music and sounds effects. Audacity can be downloaded from here.

How to create your own podcast.

There are a number of resources regarding the use of podcasts, but Doug Belshaw – an inspirational History and ICT teacher has written a superb 5 part guide to Podcasting which can be accessed below. His blog http://dougbelshaw.com/blog/ is well worth a read in itself!

Also an interesting video “Recording an mp3 podcast with audacity” (youtube video tutorial) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXUJyV6hVHk

Further Reading / Resources:

SoundEditing Software

Music for Podcasts

Downloading Podcasts


Finding Podcasts

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