The Use of ICT in the Maths Classroom

In these pages we hope to draw together and share resources for the innovative use of ICT in the Maths classroom to support teaching and learning.

Using ICT in Maths (Advice / Support materials):

ICT across the Curriculum: ICT in Maths (KS3 National Strategy)

Developing your Teaching using ICT: Secondary Maths

Whiteboard Resources:

Embedding ICT@Secondary: Use of Interactive Whiteboards in Maths

National Library of virtual manipulatives

Interactive Math sites for the Smartboard

Maths Smartboard Activities from Smart (US based but may be of some use)

Whiteboard Resources for Secondary Maths (BGFL – Birmingham Grid for Learning)


Collection of Math Powerpoints

World of Teaching – free maths powerpoints and interactive presentations scroll down link to Maths section

Other Resources:

Algebra – Interactive Resources (Welsh Virtual Teachers Centre)

Interactive Teaching programmes from the National Whiteboard Network (UK) – aimed at primary but may have some useful ideas / resources which can be adapted for a higher level

Articles on use of ICT in maths:

Maths Applications with Digital Cameras

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