Physical Education


The Use of ICT in the PE Classroom and other Professional Development Resources

In these pages we hope to draw together and share resources for the innovative use of ICT in the PE classroom to support teaching and learning.

 Using ICT in teaching PE (advice / support materials):

ICT in the Curriculum: ICT in PE (KS3 National Strategy)

Developing your Teaching using ICT: Secondary PE

How to use ICT in Physical Education (Becta)

Embedding ICT in Learning and Teaching in Physical Education (Cambridgeshire Advisory Service)

Body and Mind – a report in the use of ICT in PE

ICT in Physical Education

How to incorporate ICT into the teaching of PE

ICT in Secondary PE – A Pupil’s Entitlement

 The use of ICT in Physical Education (A general Overview)

Embedding ICT in everyday practice in Physical Education (has several powerpoint presentations including those from above)

Use of Digital Video in Physical Education for motion analysis / assessment

Using Video Cameras in Physical Education (pdf download)

Practical Application of Video Analysis for everyday teaching & learning in PE (powerpoint)

Using Visual Analysis Software in Physical Education

Embedding ICT in everyday practice

Embedding ICT in Physical Education

Interactive Whiteboards:

Embedding ICT@Secondary: Use of Interactive Whiteboards in PE

Resources: – lots of free resources for physical education and sports coaching.

Smartboard Resources: PE (LGFL)

TES – Physical Education Teaching Resources

PE Resources Bank

 GCSE PE Revision Resources (word docs & powerpoints)

PE Blogs
– some inspirational ideas for the use of new technology in ICT


Using Video Feedback in Physical Education

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  1. thanks for the kind words, there are some great links here. Well done

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