Free conversion of .pdf to Word

A quick and easy to use free tool for converting .pdf documents to word is available from This useful, free tool is online based and enables you to convert scanned .pdf documents to editable word documents. Simply browse for the .pdf file you wish to convert, insert your email address and click convert. Once the conversion has been completed a download link will be sent to your email address. When I tried it it worked perfectly but there was a 30 minute period before the conversion download link was emailed.

Whilst the free version has the inevitable wait time, there is also a paid version available which allows direct conversion from your desktop Able2Extract PDF Converter 9 allowing conversion to 10 different editable file formats (including Excel, PowerPoint etc.).

Converting resources using SMART notebook

With SMART notebook v.10 it is easy to import resources from different sources as well as export your work in different formats.

You can import PowerPoints and convert them to notebook files (note however that animations will be lost). When notebook converts Powerpoint, any images or text are imported as separate objects this means that it becomes able to drag and drop them to increase interactivity.

exportIt is also possible to export notebook files in a number of formats, including powerpoints, web pages and image files. It is also possible to export as a .pdf format enabling files to then be shared more widely. For example notes created during a lesson, for example annotation of an essay could be converted to a .pdf file, uploaded to a blog and shared with students.


Simply click on File on the toolbar and select either import (to convert powerpoint files to notebook files) or export (to convert notebook files to another format).