Training Session: Effective use of IWB (SMARTBoard)

A new term and straight back into a training session. Wednesday morning’s training session for staff from Hartford Student Support Centre is on “Making effective use of the Interactive Whiteboard” – the rationale behind the session is to introduce what Interactive Whiteboards actually are, the basics of how they work and a presentation of SMART notebook and its interactivity with the aim of showing the potential the IWB has for enhancing the teaching and learning experience. This will be followed by a chance for staff to actually try out the SMART boards and start creating simple interactive resources.

Effective use of

The session is in 3 parts: (a full programme is here)

1. An Introduction to the SMART Board – “Unlocking the Potential”

2. Getting to know the Interactive Whiteboard – practical session based on staff actually using the SMART Boards

3. Adding Multimedia and finding out more about using the SMART Board.
The handout resources used in the session can be downloaded here:

Beginners Guide to Using Smart Notebook

Getting to know the IWB – Practical Tasks

Inserting Multimedia in your Notebook

Finding out more / Support

A copy of the notebook presentation used is available for staff of the Hartford Secondary Support Unit on Request.