Professional Development Archive (Using Delicious)

deliciousOne of the things I will be introducing in this evening’s meeting is the new Professional Development Links archive which I have set up to hopefully benefit all staff using the Delicious online bookmarking tool.

Delicious is simply a social book marking system which stores bookmarks online, allowing users to create an online list of sites they find most useful. Tags are added to each bookmark to help produce a searchable archive. The new archive for St Ivo already has over 200 bookmarks, including many of my own favourites as well as those of you who sent me some of the links you find most useful for your subject area. The database is easily searchable by key term and can be refined by combining search terms – e.g. French and ICT etc. I will continue to add to the archive and a permanent link to this will remain on the right of the Blog homepage. Please do let me know of any other sites you think should be added and have a search through what is already there!


The delicious system can also be useful to you as an individual as it enables you to create your own bookmarks which you can access from ANY computer at ANY time (unlike the bookmark function on your browser!) It is incredibly simple and easy to use and once registered you simply install the buttons to your browser toolbar. Once these are installed, each time you find a site you want to save you simply hit the tag button, type in keywords which describe the site / content and your site is stored. By using key words (tags) to bookmark you end up with a user friendly list of keywords handily categorising your links!

Your favourite lists and those of all other members of the site are accessible publicly and therefore you and others can benefit greatly from the sharing of bookmarks. You have the option to see how many and who has bookmarked the same sites that you have tagged; you can then visit their list to find other sites of relevance to your topic of interest.