Embedding a Voki avatar in SMART notebook (Notebook 11)

Voki_widgetHaving tried the widget for embedding YouTube clips I have been investigating a few more of the widgets available on SMART Exchange. It is a few years since I have used Voki – but it has potential for use in the classroom. Here is a great little widget for embedding any Voki avatar you produce directly into SMART notebook so that they can be used as an integral part of a lesson resource. It is very simple to use.

Simply download the widget here. Go to the Gallery in SMART notebook and click on the arrow next to My Content. Select add new content and browse to where you have downloaded the widget. This should then add it to your Gallery ready to use. Then simply create your Voki and grab the embed code.

Embedding YouTube Clips straight in SMART notebook

Embedding Youtube

I have just been playing around with a very handy little widget for embedding YouTube clips straight into Notebook. It plays from the internet so still requires internet access but it is very handy having the video embedded straight into the page and although I have only tried a couple it seems to work very well. You can download the widget from Smart Exchange here and Danny Nicholson has given a quick and easy to follow tutorial of how to install the widget on his excellent Whiteboard Blog.

SMART Notebook 11 to be launched soon!

SMART notebook 11 is due to be launched this Spring and it looks like there are some exciting new developments, including the ability to add widgets and work with web pages within a notebook page (as well as much more!)

The video below outlines what we can look forward to!

SMART Notebook Tip – Setting a default font.

Got a favourite font and size that you like to use in your presentations? Fed up with having to keep change the font and size to your favourite every time? I know that a number of people would like to be able to set a default text style and font in notebook so that you don’t have to keep reformatting every time you type and if that is you, here is the answer!

Instructions for setting a default font and size in SMART notebook.

1. Open up notebook and select the text button (shown in diagram below)


2. Click on the first ‘Aa’ button that appears

SMARTPic_23. Now click on the format tab (last tab down on left hand side – shown in diagram below) and click on Text style from the list of options that appear


4. Make your selection from the options given for the text and size that you want to appear as default and then click save properties in the bottom left hand corner.


It is possible to repeat this to set the style and text for the other buttons on the Text selection bar (below) so that you can quickly select the text / sizes you use (e.g. for different size headings etc.)