Religious Education


The Use of ICT in the RE Classroom

In these pages we hope to draw together and share resources for the innovative use of ICT in the RE classroom to support teaching and learning.

Using ICT to teach RE (support / advice materials):

ICT across the Curriculum: ICT in RE (KS3 National Strategy)

Better RE: Using ICT in RE


Using ICT in RE: Supporting a Pupil’s Entitlement

Entitlement to ICT in Secondary RE (Becta)

Interactive Whiteboards:

Embedding ICT@Secondary: Use of Interactive Whiteboards in RE

What are the advantages of using an Interactive Whiteboard to teach Secondary RE?

RE Smartboard Resources (LGFL)

Examples of use of ICT in teaching RE:

Using Web Based Resources in Secondary RE (Becta)

How to use Digital Video in RE (Becta)

Using ICT to explore spiritual ideas in RE (Becta)

Interactive Posters – using a digital projector in RE (Becta)

How can ICT make a place of worship come alive in RE? (Becta)

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