SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit – maximising the potential of your IWB

Increasing Interactivity using SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit

Have you seen or used the SMART Lesson activity toolkit? If not there is a whole area of interactivity to unlock to help you maxmise the use of your interactive whiteboard and to enhance the teaching and learning experience for you and your students.

So what is the SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit?
This is a free resource from SMART which was released to work alongside the all singing all dancing SMART notebook 10! There are lots of customisable tools and templates to make producing interactive resources even easier, particularly if you are a little daunted by the use of ICT – these tools are simple to use and easily adapted for use in different subject classrooms.

The Tool Kit has templates for wordgames, crosswords, quizzes etc. as well as flash templates which enable you to produce activities such as drag and drop, random word generator (from a vocab list), hide and reveal etc. The potential really is endless!

Not got SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit on your computer at home or in school?

It couldn’t be easier to download the SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit to your computer and add it to the Gallery in SMART notebook 10. To download the toolkit, follow the instructions here. Once installed you access the resource by simply loading SMART notebook and clicking on the Gallery tab.

SHOWCASING SMART Lesson Toolkit Activities:

Over the next couple of terms I am going to highlight some of the best resources from the toolkit, in daily blog updates, starting off with 5 examples in this post. Here are a few screen shots of the some of the hundreds of resources available:

1. Checker Tool – easily customised by unlocking the individual components and changing the image and words.


2. Random Picture Generator – you can upload a series of photographs / images – when you click on the generator, a random image will be displayed from those uploaded – here it is used to encouraging matching french words to the image displayed.


3. Dice – Keyword – a simple game – simply add the key terms and the generator randomises these in the form of a dice. Click the dice to ‘throw’ it and to select the random key word – great for little starters or plenaries on keyword definitions.


4. Word Guess – a little like hangman – expect the teacher or student may end up with tomato on their faces!


5.Question Flipper – nice for starters and plenaries – flip easily between the question and answer – simply add your questions and answers to customise – could copy across a set of 10 questions as a quiz or short starting test!



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